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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

A New Global Paradigm of Mental Health with Spiritual Psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Lee

Activating your 12 strand DNA through Eternal Life Wisdom.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re chatting with Dr Samuel Lee, a board certified psychiatrist on a mission to help create a new global paradigm of mental health. One that is based on consciousness, energy and truth rather than labels, diagnoses, and symptoms. Our interview touches on Sam’s personal and professional mental health journey, how he treats anxiety, the creation of new neural pathways for healing, sitting in ceremony with Sam, the activation of our 12 stranded DNA through Eternal Life Wisdom, Morphogenetic Fields and so much more. 

Sam is also a certified yoga teacher, breathwork practitioner, kundalini yoga practitioner, plant medicine practitioner and facilitator, and most recently quantum morphogenetic physicist. He agrees with Einstein and Tesla that the future of medicine is frequency, and the future is now here. Combining all of his modalities he serves as the medical director of Four Worlds International Institute, and as the Medical Director of Transcendence Mental Health, where he’s committed to helping Consciousness re-remember itself through the activation of 12 stranded DNA.

Episode Breakdown

[3:55] Sam’s story.
[8:44] The whispers of awakening.
[12:59] Surrendering to intuition.
[14:30] Blowing paradigms apart.
[17:43] Treating anxiety.
[20:57] Activating your twelve stranded DNA.
[29:24] Eternal Life Wisdom.
[30:52] Sam’s daily practices.
[32:35] Anuhazi light language.
[34:53] Sitting in ceremony with Sam.
[39:31] Paving new neural pathways for healing.
[44:06] Soul contracts and direct cognition.
[47:13] Jesus and the Morphogenetic Fields.
[54:56] The heart as a portal to the 4th dimension.

Learn more about Samuel by visiting his website and  and on Instagram @thespiritualpsychiatrist .

Explore Dr Lee’s 12 Stranded DNA Activation Course:

For the full interview with Samuel, listen via the link on this page, go to, or find us on Instagram @thehealingcocoonpodcast.