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By Urban Ascension

Be inspired by the shared stories and experiences of guests who’ve not only devoted their careers to personal growth, but who’ve lived the processes they teach.

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Tune in to discover how your dark and difficult times are actually a catalyst for your greatest transformation.

Episode Show Notes

46. The Secrets of Aboriginal Healing with Medium and Author Robbie Holz


45. Utilizing Healy to Support Energetic Coherence with Frequency Coach Kat Villain


44. Connecting to Your Spirit Baby with Energetic Fertility Method Founder Nancy Mae


43. Balancing Business and Motherhood with Yoga Koh Founder Jolie Manza


42. A New Global Paradigm of Mental Health with Spiritual Psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Lee


41. Metamorphosis Chat:
Meet My Sperm Donor with Steven Rooke


40. Mindful Eating with Nutrition Stripped Founder McKel Kooienga


39. Healing Hands with Reiki Master and RTT Practitioner Thea Annya Nathan


38. Rebirth Through Breathwork with Facilitator and Dance Healing Guide Karen Nitsche


37. Holistic Beauty and Sacred Ritual with Ethical Entrepreneur
Whitney Willison


36. Metamorphosis Chat:
Having a Baby on My Own Through IVF

35. Reprocessing Trauma with Micro-Current Neurofeedback and EMDR Clinician
Stephanie Kuehn

34. Aura Transformation and Crystalline Consciousness with Barbara Canals

33. Stepping Onto Your Soul Path with Attune to the Moon Founder Jana Roemer

32. Metamorphosis Chat: Wrapping Up 2022

31. Healing Through Childbirth with Postpartum Doula and Motherhood Coach
McLean McGown

30. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is The Crown Chakra?

29. How Binaural Beats Can Transform Your Life with
Sonic Mystic and  Neuro-Acoustic Producer
Asa Idoni

28. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is the Third Eye Chakra?

27. How to Avoid Emotional Burnout with Frontliner Trauma Awareness Guide
Jamie Smith

26. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is The Throat Chakra?

25. Transcendental Awakening with Conscious Entrepreneur Andrew McFarlane

24. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is The Heart Chakra?

23. Heartbreak, Burnout and Rebirth with Revel Founder Kindy Girdley

22. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is The Solar Plexus Chakra?

21. The Alchemizing Art
of Tantra with
Feminine Empowerment Coach
Lillian Love

20. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is The Sacral Chakra?

19. From Trauma to Dharma
with Yoga Therapist
Danielle Karuna

18. Metamorphosis Chat:
What is The Root Chakra?

17. The Healing Power
of Sound
with Sonic Being Founder Michelle Berc

16. Metamorphosis Chat:
How I Became an
Energy Healer – Part 3

15. Partners in ‘Shine’ with
Open Mind Space Founders Renee Wilkinson & Murray Smith – Part 2

14. Metamorphosis Chat:
4 Steps to Overcome

13. Partners in ‘Shine’ with Open Mind Space Founders
Renee Wilkinson & Murray Smith – Part 1

12. Metamorphosis Chat:
How I Became an
Energy Healer – Part 2

11. Living a Lunar Inspired Life with Moon Body Soul Founder Kaitee Tyner

10. Metamorphosis Chat:
How I Became an
Energy Healer – Part 1

9. Antidotes for Anxiety with Acupuncturist and Yogini
Maria Villella

8. Divine Orchestration Versus Free Will with Drunk Yoga Founder Eli Walker

7. Integrating the Inner and Outer Voice with Songstress Alicia Olatuja

6. Dimension Tripping and Conscious Business with Spiritual Channel
Chelsea Jeheber

5. Surrendering to the Divine Feminine with Womb Alchemist Ann Marie Paul

4. Redefining Life After Brain Trauma with Mobot Founder Lani Cooper

3. The Wonder of Rewilding
with Fumescent Founder
Kat Villain

2. The Road Back from
rock Bottom with
Wellness Queen
Zoe Naylor

1. Rewire your brain
for more joy with
neuroscience ninja
alex nashton

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