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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

The Secrets of Aboriginal Healing with Medium and Author Robbie Holz

Letting go of victimhood and embracing your innate power to heal.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re chatting with Robbie Holz, internationally respected healer, medium, and author of three books, Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening and Angels in Waiting. Our interview discusses both her and her husband’s incredible healing journeys utilizing the Aboriginal techniques they learned in the Australian outback, and also other related topics such as how pain can be a powerful catalyst for change, stepping out of victimhood, creating a love mindset, bridging the gap between 3D and 5D reality, releasing your triggers, connecting to higher frequencies for manifestation, and Robbie’s third book, Angels in Waiting, which teaches you how to reach out to your guardian angels and spirit guides.

After receiving a blood transfusion while giving birth to her son in 1983, Robbie contracted Hepatitis C. As a side effect of the experimental treatment she received, she also developed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, temporary brain damage, and became bedridden for 7 months. At this point she set off on her alternative healing journey, where she met her husband Gary and started using the Aboriginal healing methods to completely recover from all her ailments. She also undertook a spiritual quest into the outback to participate in an all female ceremony with the Aboriginal tribeswomen at their request. After healing herself, Robbie’s passion became helping people worldwide awaken to the powerful healer within themselves.

Episode Breakdown

[4:59] Robbie’s story.
[8:42] Why Aboriginals and not Native American Indians?
[10:19] How Gary Holz overcame MS after learning the secrets of Aboriginal healing.
[13:14] The three aspects required for healing.
[16:28] Connecting to a person’s spirit to see if they want to be healed.
[18:04] How do you reconcile religion with the secrets of Aboriginal healing?
[19:27] Pain as a powerful catalyst for change.
[22:48] Defining the energetic healing realm we all have access to.
[27:51] Stepping out of victimhood.
[33:32] Action steps for creating a love mindset.
[36:10] The pace of healing.
[37:57] Accessing higher frequencies for acceptance, health and vibrance.
[42:09] How your inner guidance communicates with you.
[45:54] Robbie’s trip to the outback with a tribe of Aboriginal women.
[48:53] Bridging the gap between 3D and 5D reality.
[54:41] Past lives and learning our lessons.
[56:27] The process of awakening.
[58:23] Releasing your triggers.
[1:02:13] Connecting to higher frequencies for manifestation.
[1:04:48] Robbie’s third book: ‘Angels in Waiting’.
[1:13:53] Work with Robbie.

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