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Partners in ‘Shine’ with
Open Mind Space Founders
Renee Wilkinson & Murray Smith – Part 1


Following the illogical with Renee Wilkinson.


Posted by:
Jacobie Gray

In this episode of the podcast, we interview Renée Wilkinson, a multi-modality intuitive channel, who has found her purpose in helping others remember their purpose for incarnating, and guiding them to defy all logic to create the impossible. She began her intuitive channeling journey at 11, studied alternative health therapies, diverted into a film and TV career for a time in an attempt to be “normal,” but was quickly returned to her purpose in her late 20s. She and her husband, Murray, have gone on to connect with an incredible community in Newcastle, Australia, building The Open Mind Space, a wellness center and retreat space. They welcomed their daughter Sophia in late 2020.

Noticing the Gift

When Renée was about 11, she started to have the self-actualization that her peers were not interpreting or seeing the world as she was. She became keen to the fact that she was different. Although her gifts were normalized in the company of her mom and mentors, she wasn’t able to relate to the people she was surrounded by on this spiritual level, which made schooling a bit overwhelming. Part of her journey has been reclaiming and rooting her confidence in her deep inner gifts.   

Renée’s mother played a beautiful role in recognizing her gifts and making sure she connected with others who could help guide her to fully understand and develop them. By connecting her with a meditation teacher she’d been taking classes from, her mom facilitated an environment for Renée to openly explore her spiritual self.


There were a few years after high school where Renée just wanted to be normal. She shied away from, and ignored, her intuition in favor of a “less weird” human experience. 

That all changed in an instant when she didn’t listen to her intuition for the last time at 25, right before she experienced an assault. She vividly remembers her intuition screaming at her and, continuing the pattern, she ignored it. It took her a solid 12 months to experience healing from this trauma. 

At that point she realized she couldn’t keep living that way, numbing the voice that reached out to her, and she intentionally chose to renew her interaction with her higher self. 

As she got back to her roots of kinesiology and also began to pursue a journey into yoga, she gradually gave herself more permission to be open with her gifts. In yoga, especially, this deep intuition was more accepted and understood as a modality, which made it easier to interact with people in that way. Her support system continued to grow and fortify her confidence, really taking a special root when her now husband, Murray, came into her life.


Going about her day, Renée constantly tries to find the balance between staying grounded in her humanity but feeling deeply at home in the spiritual. It can be a struggle, and she navigates it with intentionality by consistently reaching out to her mentors and therapists for guidance. She is thankful she can always count on Murray to remind her of her place here on earth. With a sense of relief, she admits, “He helps keep me balanced because it’s easy for me to lean into the interdimensional astral place. It’s my comfortable place. It takes a lot of daily practice to keep myself here.” 

Being a fully-immersed human traversing alternate dimensions and the quantum, there are deeply frustrating moments in the more obvious run-ins with her humanity. (Like road rage. What could possibly be a more human experience than road rage?) But through time, practice, years of self inquiry, awareness, downloads and communication with guides and mentors, she has been able to get to a point of acceptance that she is here to have a human experience and shouldn’t deny or be frustrated at the human moments of that human experience. It is her purpose here on Earth.

Bonus Information

Renée describes her intuition as less like a voice and more like a knowing of what is about to happen—being aware of the reaction before the action. When she feels her intuition ignite, she doesn’t think, she acts. Her intuition shows her what is about to happen and gives her the alternative. She delightfully refers to this as “bonus information.” 

During her pregnancy with daughter Sophia, she found that her energy just cut off (it might as well have been her leg). It was the first time in her life that had ever happened and was extremely discombobulating. Having this experience made her wonder if this was what life was like for everyone else who didn’t have access to the bonus information she naturally coexisted with! 

Becoming deeply connected to this intuition “has taken years of trust and wasn’t always like that, but now I know deeply within myself that I would rather follow the illogical or unknown intuitive hit, than see what happens when I don’t.”

Learn more about Renée at and find her on social media at @renee_wilkinson.

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