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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Connecting to Your Spirit Baby with Energetic Fertility Method Founder Nancy Mae

Understanding the reverence of conception.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re chatting with Nancy Mae, Spirit Baby Expert, Intuitive Fertility Educator, and Hay House award-winning author of “The Energetic Fertility Method™: Tools for a Healthy Conception and Beyond”. Our interview discusses what a spirit baby actually is, how they appear to Nancy, their karmic contracts, the new generation of spirit babies coming through since 2020, how they feel about IVF, miscarriages and abortion, the reverence they require their parents to have around the conception process, and so much more.

Nancy has appeared on Open to Hope TV, hosted her own international radio show, and shared the stage with world-renowned teachers. She has a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (M.A.), a Master of Science in Cognitive Psychology (M.S.), and a Master Certification in Intuition Medicine® (MIM). She also holds a Sports Psychology Certificate and is a Certified Usability Analyst™ through Human Factors International as well as a non-denominational Minister. As a sought-after life transitions coach and professional speaker, Nancy offers inspiring workshops to audiences around the world as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual aliveness.

Episode Breakdown

[04:58] Nancy’s story.
[13:25] What is a spirit baby?
[15:15] What does a spirit baby look like?
[16:52] At what point does a spirit baby choose their parents?
[19:13] Spirit babies and karmic contracts.
[21:30] The ‘threads’ that make up a spirit baby session with Nancy.
[25:47] How spirit babies feel about IVF.
[26:38] The new generation of spirit babies coming in.
[29:50] Uncovering why you really want a child.
[32:25] Aligning with the frequency of your spirit baby.
[36:52] Spirit babies, miscarriage and abortion.
[41:48] The contract between a mother and a spirit baby.
[45:47] Taking inspired action to manifest a baby.
[47:13] Training with Walter Makichen, author of the Spirit Babies book.
[50:36] Nancy’s personal decision to terminate a pregnancy.
[58:01] The frequency of morning sickness.
[1:00:59] Nancy’s success stories.
[01:07:28] Conversing with your spirit baby.
[01:10:35] How you can work with Nancy.

Learn more about Nancy by visiting her website  and on Instagram @nancy_mae_efm

For the full interview with Nancy, listen via the link on this page, go to, or find us on Instagram @thehealingcocoonpodcast.