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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Mindful Eating with Nutrition Stripped Founder
McKel Kooienga

Using self-compassion and nourishment to achieve your ‘balanced’ weight.

Posted by:
Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re chatting with McKel Kooienga, founder of Nutrition Stripped, author of the Nutrition Stripped Cookbook, creator of the Mindful Nutrition Method, and a leading voice in mindful eating who was named “Top 20 Role Models” by Arianna Huffington. Our interview discusses the relationship between food and emotions, discovering a ‘balanced’ weight through nourishment, first steps to overcoming restricted eating, changing the narrative around food to encompass an abundant mindset, and her personal journey with mindful eating.

McKel’s Nutrition Stripped community has reached millions of people around the world, has an award-nominated social media, and is featured in, Women’s Health, Today’s Dietitian, Bon Appetit, Food Network, Healthline, and many more. Her proprietary Mindful Nutrition Method™, which is a transformative online live experience with live group coaching, course materials, tools, and a private community for creating balanced eating habits, will help free you from food and diet obsession, maintain a balanced weight and cultivate a positive relationship with food and your body.

Episode Breakdown

[4:46] McKel’s story.
[10:35] McKel’s education and philosophy.
[13:26] How The Mindful Nutrition Method Course addresses your personal nutrition needs.
[18:26] The connection between food and emotions.
[23:24] The power of accountability and outside support when unpacking your relationship with food.
[25:10] Flipping the conversation around food to ecompass an abundant mindset.
[28:02] Achieving your ‘balanced’ weight through nourishment.
[30:02] The first step to overcome restricted eating.
[33:51] How to get more vegetables into your life.
[40:42] McKel reflects on her personal food experience, past and present.

Learn more about Mckel by watching her free class and on Instagram @nutritionstripped.

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