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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Heartbreak, Burnout and Rebirth with Revel Founder Kindy Girdley

The winding path from pain to purpose.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we are joined by Kindy Girdley, a Reiki practitioner and teacher, as she shares her journey of learning to listen to her body and becoming her own healer after living through the loss of her parents in her early twenties.

Kindy is an experienced holistic chef and wellness guide, studying vitalist herbalism, and has an herbal apothecary line. Having a deep passion for learning, she is also studying craniosacral biodynamics with Koa Kalish and Sacred Feminine Alchemy Breathwork with Sacred Breathwork Academy.

Back to Back Heartbreak

When her mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999, Kindy was catapulted into what became a long up-and-down healing journey. An audio engineer in Nashville at the time of her mother’s diagnosis, she moved home to care for her. The following season was incredibly gut-wrenching as she watched her mom suffer. The battle was long and difficult to process. 

Two years later her dad died suddenly of a brain tumor. When the doctors operated on his lobe, they found another tumor on his brain stem that was inoperable. Soon after, the devastating decision was made to take him off life support.

Answering the Call

While caring for her mom, Kindly was cracked open to a new understanding of life, death and spirituality. Her psychic senses began to blossom, but with back-to-back punches from the universe she found herself in a dichotomy of wanting to lean into the spiritual realm, while also being so angry that she couldn’t. She even completely closed herself off to it all for a time, “Whatever, I’m an atheist. Fuck everything.” 

However, she was unable to deny the call and ultimately welcomed spirituality into her life again, reopening her heart to the search for healing. After thirteen years of individual self-exploration, she connected with a spiritual teacher who she credits as her guide for helping her learn to align and move negative energy—sickness, anger, and unhappiness—out of her body and life.

Moving forward in a space of healing, Kindy used her love of nourishing people to open a locally based, organically sourced catering company that specialized in dietary restrictions and serving people who were ill. She also had private chef clients, and ended up establishing a thriving business with support staff.

From Burnout to Rebirth

As she juggled the stresses of running a successful business Kindy continued to ignore the underlying feeling of unhappiness threatening to derail her life, until her whole body was ‘screaming’ at her and denial was no longer an option. Her anger had resurfaced and she didn’t understand why. As she followed the breadcrumbs to figure it out, it became clear she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to be doing, and the impact of that had led to burnout.  So, over the course of the next year, Kindy gradually closed down her catering company, while simultaneously studying Reiki, vitalist herbalism and other modalities, trying to find alignment once again.

This path led her on a search for specific, holistic self-care products, which ended up not existing. So she was inspired to put her entrepreneurial skills to work again and she created her own apothecary business, Revel, which has since bloomed into energy healing offerings, Reiki training, retreats, and more. 

Her Revel product line initially began with facial scrubs and grew to include body scrubs and facial oils (one of which is the recipe of her beloved grandmother), as well as crafting her own tea blends, yoni steaming herbs, herbal soaking salts, and salves.

Nervous System Reset

Through the process of becoming a reiki master, the attunements she received were often an intense experience as her soul was rapidly devouring the spiritual expansion, much faster than her physical self could assimilate. For a long time, whenever she received energy work, she would have a migraine for three days after while her body integrated. Self-Reiki remained an integral, rewarding practice during this time and ultimately made her more in tune with her synchronicities and inner guidance. 

These days, Kinda is in a space where she finds herself consistently grounded with a balanced nervous system, a far cry from her strung out catering years. Being on the other side of her anger and unhappiness she now has the knowledge, guidance, and tools to care for her body and soul. This has led her to a vastly more fulfilling life which she generously shares with others through her apothecary line and energy work, a natural expression of having the courage to answer the spiritual call, listen to her body and step into her soul purpose.

Learn more about Kindy at and find her on social media at @revel_nashville.

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