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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Living a Lunar Inspired Life with Moon Body Soul Founder Kaitee Tyner

The healing power of crystals, community and organic self-care.

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Jacobie Gray

On this week’s episode of the podcast, we chat with Kaitee Tyner, the founder of Moon Body Soul, a holistic self-care company offering all-natural, small-batch products, self-care tools, ethically mined crystals, and more. Her passion is to empower others to truly care for themselves through mindful movement, meditations and self-love practices, all inspired by the healing energy of the moon. She has more than ten years of experience guiding people into their bodies with yoga and meditation and has been leading women’s new moon circles for over five years. Kaitee is also an avid crystal miner and lover of rocks and minerals.

The diagnosis and the quest

In 2015, Kaitee hit some medical bumps that launched her into a space of searching. Not only was she diagnosed with Hashitmoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid condition, she also split open her hand, cutting a tendon and a nerve, while waiting tables. In order to heal, she physically had to slow down, which left her mind with the space to reevaluate her life. Something that came up for her was a concern for what she was putting on and in her body (cosmetics, food, bath products) as it related to her healing.

The thyroid controls our hormones and her research taught her that estrogen, a super important hormone in the hierarchy, could be intensely affected by outside sources that contain estrogen mimickers, such as petroleum. And she learned that many of the products she used and foods she consumed contained just that in the form of dyes, synthetics, fragrances. Thus, her quest for safer products and foods was born. 

Also huge in her journey to manage her Hashimoto’s was understanding the role of stress. It wasn’t hard to figure out that stress was top on her trigger list, but the next layer to that, was that amidst the hustle culture that is LA—surprise!— she was living in a constant state of fight or flight (getting all. the. things. done – of course…but at the expense of her parasympathetic nervous system). Wholeheartedly committed to restoring her health, Kaitee and her partner, Bentley, ultimately made the move from LA to the natural, grounding beauty of the redwoods to pursue a slower life pace in 2021.

The birth of Moon Body Soul

The venture of Moon Body Soul was born during Kaitee’s search for natural self-care products. Crazy to think, but there was just nothing on the market in 2016 that didn’t contain petroleum or other non-ideal ingredients. She specifically craved a bath bomb, so she took on the role of creator and mixologist to perfect her own recipe. After an entire year devoted to honing the ultimate bath bomb, she began to sell it on the side of her full-time marketing job. Fast-forward a couple of years and Moon Body Soul is an established company, and her full-time job.

Kaitee’s integrity continues to drive her, as she even made the tough decision to discontinue her flagship bath bombs because of all the single-use plastic it took to ship and keep them airtight. But, in true entrepreneurial embodiment, she seamlessly transitioned that energy into her heralded bath soaks, housing them in compostable bags.

Rock language

Soon after perfecting the bath soaks, Katie added rocks and minerals to her product offerings. You might say that Kaitee was destined to collide with crystals at some point in her life, having a natural love for rocks even as a 5-year-old backyard explorer. To this day, mining her own rocks feels like a deep calling and one of her favorite things to do. 

Though her connection with rocks dates way back, the modality of connection has been an evolution and she has found her best connection to them through the chakra system. She notes that while there are tons of books available on the topic, what it comes down to for her is the color and the color frequency of the crystals. Even recording this podcast, she anecdotally reveals that she is holding an aquamarine, representing her throat chakra, which is something she does for every moon circle and every podcast interview.

Moon circles

As Moon Body Soul grew and rooted, moon circles organically extended out of her practices. Now, having led countless circles over the last five years, she doesn’t view them as a time for instruction or guidance. Instead, she sees herself as a space holder, allowing participants to share or simply take in the experience. After all this time, she still says she may get more out of them than the people that join her—they are that fulfilling to her heart and leave her in a space of sublime gratefulness.

Learn more about Kaitee at and find her on social media at @moonbodysoul.

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