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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Balancing Business and Motherhood with YogaKoh Founder Jolie Manza

When spiritual concepts become lived experience.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re chatting with Jolie Manza, yoga teacher, movement coach and the founder of YogaKoh, an International yoga and movement school that hosts teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and immersions in premier locations around the world. Our interview discusses the birth of YogaKoh, as well as the birth of her daughter Gia Hope, the evolution of both, and how she’s juggling motherhood with entrepreneurship. We also go into the nuts and bolts of 200 versus 300 hour teaching trainings, personal pain management through yoga and how Jolie has come to embody the spiritual concepts she was exposed to as a child.

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and movement studies from University of Colorado, Jolie spent a decade in New York City performing, teaching and studying. International teaching opportunities allowed her to travel the world sharing what she loved, which planted the seeds for YogaKoh’s global presence. In 2011, she deeply connected with the culture and spirituality of Bali where she developed programs, built curriculums and found her YogaKoh community. She now resides in Sydney with her partner and daughter, Gia Hope, and is excited to step into the next stage of this wild and wonderful journey of teaching, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and global citizenship.

Episode Breakdown

[4:21] Jolie’s story.
[6:37] The influence of Alan Watts on Jolie’s spiritual development.
[7:31] Discovering yoga through a dance injury.
[10:35] Movement as pain management in daily life.
[14:36] The birth of YogaKoh.
[17:20] The evolution of YogaKoh.
[20:36] The difference between 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher training.
[22:54] Balancing business and motherhood.
[25:01] Putting spiritual concepts into practise.
[29:25] Surrendering to the decision making process.
[33:09] The age range of YogaKoh students.
[36:42] What to expect from a 200hr yoga teacher training.
[39:24] What to expect from a 300hr yoga teacher training.
[40:12] Which training should you do first?

Learn more about Jolie by visiting her website  and on Instagram @yogakoh_ and @anjolieyoga.

For the full interview with Jolie, listen via the link on this page, go to, or find us on Instagram @thehealingcocoonpodcast.