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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Stepping Onto Your Soul Path with Attune to the Moon Founder Jana Roemer

And the alignment of astrology and yoga for personal transformation.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we interview Jana Roemer, somewhat of a legend here at Urban Ascension. Jana has been a long-time guide, mentor, and star-child inspiration to Jacobie, as well her yoga teacher training, and yoga nidra, instructor. Today, Jana chats with us about her awakening to the astrological world and how her journey evolved into creating her own fusion of astrology and yoga practices. 

Jana is a Libra Sun with a Virgo Stellium and written all over her chart are notes of being an orator, leader, gatherer of souls and devoted mystic, which is confirmed by the way she lives her life. She is here to evoke transformation through practices of self-love. After a decade of facilitating 200/300 hour teacher trainings, Jana is devoted to training guides of the ancient practice of yoga nidra, as well as continuing to develop her own signature blend of astrology and yoga nidra, the Astro Nidras.

Born out of Boredom

Many healing journeys are born from an earlier trauma. However, Jana considers her journey to be different. She describes her childhood as almost idyllic, growing up on forested acres where she could adore the stars and moon and attune her soul to her natural giftings. 

She began her awakening journey as she grew into adulthood and felt the expectation of a bigger calling in her life, but found herself living in a place of flatness and dissatisfaction— society’s conventions felt lackluster. Wanting to explore the complexities and deeper meaning of life, she dove into philosophy classes at university while doing a business major. And it was these classes that pivoted her mindset onto a new trajectory.

While she achieved early success in the business roles she secured after graduating, these material gains paled in comparison to her internal expansion, and gradually, in more of an accumulation of moments than any particular climax, the balance of her mindset began to shift to an all encompassing curiosity for the spiritual, and the search for a lifestyle to truly satisfy her soul.

Broken Back

Although her delivery into this new direction was abrupt. After finally deciding to extricate herself from a toxic environment and quit the corporate job she’d been grinding away at, Jana went skiing the very next day, and the universe threw her down a hill (literally), breaking her back. Her journey to physical recovery collided with her spiritual pilgrimage, and the pain forced her to slow down and deeply consider what she wanted her future to look like.

The universe has a way of realigning us when we’ve deviated onto a track that doesn’t serve us. But often it’s only in hindsight that we understand how it was always supporting us, even through our darkest moments. 

As she spent the following weeks recovering from this challenging time, Jana discovered yoga, which immediately lit up her soul. She found such rest and alignment with the practice that she quickly signed up for yoga teacher training, and her love for the practice grew so deeply that it transitioned her into teaching yoga as a full-time profession within the year.

Music First and Then the Lyrics

While her psychic giftings and pull towards the moon and stars had always been with her, like an innate melody in her soul, it wasn’t until Jana’s deep dive into philosophy, yoga and Buddhism that she began to realize her mystical childhood experiences were the exception, rather than the norm. 

What she learned during this study of ancient texts overlaid the music in her heart with the lyrics that brought a full embodiment to her life’s experiences—she now had a language to express what she had been feeling her whole life, and, over time, she fused her spiritual knowledge and innate connection with astrology into her yoga practice and teachings.

Her own Spiritual Mixture

Jana had already spent lots of time blogging about the moon, and pursuing her yoga nidra practice, so much so that she began to cultivate the ability to connect with the essence of a particular moon before even looking at its chart. It was an inspiration for her signature mix of the astrology and astrological themes that she began to weave into her yoga classes and group meditation practices of yoga nida.

In 2015, she founded Attune to the Moon, an online portal offering classes on breath work, astrology, meditation and visualization, physical work, yoga nidra, virtual new moon circles, and an extensive short yoga library. Her offerings come onto the website in a rotation based on the position of the planets, sun and moon, in the sky at the time. The platform is connected to NASA data, and so only practices that offer attunement to the current astrology are available. As in, when the moon is in Cancer, Venus is in Aquarius, or the sun is in a certain astrological sign, specific classes to align individuals with the energetic subtleties of the colliding attributes of those planets with those astrological houses are offered.

Jana continues to be grateful for this beautiful Attune to the Moon catalog that she has poured her heart and soul into, and looks forward to what the mystery holds for her. 

Learn more about Jana at and find her on social media at @attunetothemoon.

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