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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Dimension Tripping and Conscious Business with Spiritual Channel Chelsea Jeheber


What’s really up with 3D versus 5D reality.


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Jacobie Gray

In this episode of the podcast, we interview intuitive channel, business coach, and founder of She Makes Bank, Chelsea Jeheber. In our discussion, we talk through Chelsea’s healing journey from discovering her psychic gifts to her evolution into helping others become more in tune with these channels and use them as guides for their own lives.

Chelsea worked as a spiritual channel for several years, helping others on their spiritual path of growth and expansion. Eventually, she noticed a trend—most of her clients, who were in spiritually-based careers themselves, were struggling. It wasn’t so much struggling with their spiritual journey as much as it was that they had very specific business and marketing questions on how to successfully run their online businesses. Sensing this void in the market and a way she could use her gifts differently, she shifted the focus of her business from channeling sessions and akashic record readings to helping other spiritual entrepreneurs expand and grow their own businesses in a conscious way.

Awake in Australia

Chelsea never really worked with her gifts or thought of herself as psychic until her late twenties. Although she could feel things as a child and remembers sensing that there was a whole other world going on, she didn’t yet know how to conceptualize it. 

But the day she stepped off the plane in Australia things began to shift. She recalls how immediately the spiritual realm started opening up for her, having psychic and ghost experiences (positive, but still creepy!). So she did some digging and researching and eventually learned about the Pleiadians, who are somewhat like our advice-offering cosmic cousins that live in the fifth dimension. She says it felt like a deep knowing that just kept her unraveling the yarn, so to speak.

Pleiadian Enlightenment

Chelsea dove into the Pleiadians, studying them and learning how to channel them. She grew into using her gifts to help others expand their spiritual paths. Her journey has taken her to a deep relationship and understanding of how the Pleiadians work and communicate. They don’t give exact answers, but riddles. Because they aren’t coming to save us—they don’t believe we need saving. What they want is for us to be empowered to make personal changes on our own.

Chelsea has noticed an exalted spiritual focus being placed on ascension into ‘5D’ reality. She says her thought consistently goes…but what if we don’t? That’s her point—therein lies the actual growth! Not in the striving for 5D, but the growth that comes from focusing on the journey itself, with less regard to the end result. The pursuit of fifth dimensional consciousness can become more of a distraction if it’s the trope by which you define yourself.  

We came to Earth to master the third dimension (and maybe some of the fourth). That is our purpose here and, as a natural result, we won’t escape the third dimension on Earth. We cannot graduate from the third dimension until we master it. But what is beautiful is to think about what the fifth dimension is defined by—unity, no more separation, no more titles. Our humanity naturally loves titles and recognition, which is why mastering this dimension is what we should truly be keeping our focus on.

Akashic Records vs. Cosmic Channeling 

Alongside her relationship with the Pleiadians and cosmic channeling, Chelsea delved into and mastered the art of reading the akashic records. Both serve a purpose, yet are decidedly different. As she goes on to explain, opening our akashic records is information for us from us, from our higher selves. It is information from the perspective of every incarnation we have ever lived across all realities and dimensions. 

When it comes to cosmic channeling with the Andromedans or Pleiadians, for example, their information is coming from them and their experiences and perspectives. And so their word is not bond, but they can tap into our energy fields and consciousness to give more aligned answers for us. 

If we start to become aware of patterns that we can’t get to the root of and want a bird’s eye view of the issue or what’s going on, accessing our past lives through our Akashic records can be beneficial. Using a reader is an option, but you can also read your own records.

Determining Your Own Journey

Learning to read our own records is a journey itself. And our reasons may vary—we want to know where we should move or if we should get that new job. It’s often a question involving finances and relationships. But the motive is consistent, which is just to know on a deeper level. 

Reading our own records, practically, can start by sitting down with the intention to access our own akashic records, tuning to a trance-like or meditative state and clearing the energy field. Then asking a question and becoming familiar with how the information shows up in our bodies. Some receive answers by hearing or seeing within the mind’s eye, some by feeling or knowing. 

Part of healing is moving away from the ego and victim dance, instead realizing that everything that happens to us is actually happening for us and for our highest and greatest good. It can be so hard to believe that, but it is a beautiful cue that we have elevated to the next level, whatever that may be. As we elevate and we open up, we blossom into our own psychic gifts.

Learn more about Chelsea at and find her on social media at @chelseajeheber.

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