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The Healing Cocoon Podcast

Aura Transformation and Crystalline Consciousness with Barbara Canals

and the integration of our bodies into a post-Mayan 2012 calendar world.

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Jacobie Gray

In today’s episode of the podcast, we chat with multi-modality light worker, Barbara Canals, about generational shifts in energy consciousness. She delivers profound insights into how we are able to fully embody the frequencies that we are not only born into, but how we can adapt to the ones evolving on the planet as we step into the new world..

Barbara is an energy and consciousness activator, AuraMediator and energy intuitive.

Her mission is to bring forth the new time energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, ready to carry out their dharma and live in balance. She works with different treatments such as AuraTransformation, Divine Love Transmissions, Energy Balancing and Life Alignment, with the purpose of integrating body, mind and spirit and assisting people in finding wholeness and balance within so they can live an inspired life with joy and purpose.

Dual Lives

There is a wide awareness at this point that many aspects of our society are based on masculine-driven ideals and laced with patriarchal constructs that often demand success and achievement as the marker of a person’s worth. This is the path Barbara found herself on, carving out her place in the world by becoming a self-proclaimed overachiever, looking to trade her accomplishments for feelings of worthiness and acceptance.

But that is just what was visible on the outside. Her inner self resisted these societal demands, although the process of letting herself fully acknowledge and embody her inner life, her true self, was something that she had trouble embracing for years. She continued to fit into society’s mold of accepted behaviors until she had a life-altering life alignment session in 2011. After that session, she remembers feeling vividly different. Her drive to go out into the party scene, catering to cultural norms, dried up instantly, she recalls. “It was just a big frequency shift and I let go of a lot.”

The Golden Age

As she pursued this new age of her life, she discovered that part of her gifting is translating frequencies of source energy and the divine feminine through her voice. We are frequency, vibration, energy. Translating that energy may sound like a language or a song or a tone, which  changes the frequency and vibration in people and the environment around them. She also works in code anchoring. Like you can similarly code a computer, crystals and other objects can be coded with certain information and anchored to the earth to change energies or bring through new energies. 

Using her giftings in translating frequencies and code anchoring to gain insight into the shifts in the world’s energies, over the course of time Barbara has noticed a download of new energy and consciousness on the Earth that has ushered in a new age—the Golden Age. The Golden Age, which is referenced in many sacred texts, began transmitting to the planet at a much faster rate in 2012, according to the Mayan calendar. “A lot of people interpreted the Mayan calendar as the end of the world, but what they were really speaking about was the beginning of this new consciousness, the beginning of the Golden Age.”

Bodily Integration

The Golden Age means many beautiful things for us. It has brought us into a time of ‘crystal consciousness’ where we are operating at a much higher frequency. It allows us to integrate into our bodies in a way we never could have previously. We now possess the capacity to completely align to source. Just because it is available to us doesn’t mean it takes the place of deep healing work. Healing work is actually vital to fully integrate our bodies to the crystal consciousness. It allows us to become very conscious creators, having an expanded awareness of the fact that we are energetic powerhouses.  

When there is a conscious acknowledgment that we are these energetic powerhouses, we can not only create from a place of integrity, respect and harmony, but we can see how interconnected we are to the world and the impact we have on it. We have the potential—connected to the crystal consciousness—to see how we are imprinting on the field. It’s like a supersonic awareness that opens our consciousness up to be able to more easily focus on our purpose. 

Gen Indigo, Gen Crystalline

Energy fields have evolved over the decades. The kids of the 90s were born into the time of ‘indigo energy’ (you may have heard them referred to as the ‘indigo babies’), which was the first step in our auric evolution away from the traditional chakra system and its karmic cycles. This generation, due to their lighter and brighter frequency, were the kids first labeled with behavioral disorders like ADD and ADHD. They came in with a more intense energy than was previously present on the planet, and the old time energy systems failed to support them.

Enter the crystalline generation, those born into the Golden Age, an even higher energetic frequency that manifests as a crystalized aura with one big heart chakra and no karma. These children are fully crystal consciousness beings who now, in recent years, have started to embody the golden energy at the center of the Earth. This energy is the ability to materialize, which was previously channeled into greed and consumerism, but as it becomes elevated with the crystal aura it realizes its truest form as a source of manifestation for people’s soul purpose or dharmic paths. Through her work as an Aura Transformer, Barbara provides us all with the opportunity to download the new crystal consciousness of the Golden Age (you don’t just need to be born with it) so that we can assimilate with the children arriving today, as well as the new time energies being ushered through to transform the Earth into its highest frequency of existence yet.

Learn more about Barbara at and find her on social media at @barbaracanals_vibration.

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